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How to Make Santa Claus Cookies by SemiSweetDesigns.com

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How to Make Santa Claus Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Dec 12, 2017


How to Make Decorated Santa Claus Cookies by SemiSweetDesigns.com

It’s crazy that Christmas is only 12 more shopping days away! I know it’s already crunch time for us cookie decorators, however I was hoping to squeeze in one more tutorial before I head out for the Christmas break.

Since releasing the latest Christmas cutter collection, I’ve received a number of requests for a tutorial for the Santa Claus cookies. I do try to accommodate requests if I can, and this past weekend I was happy to find the time to decorate some more Santas.

Santa Claus and Reindeer Cookie Cutters

I just added a new cookie cutter design to the shop! Because I thought the Santa Claus cookies needed a little something “extra” for this batch, I decided to whip up a new reindeer cookie design to include with Santa.

Santa Claus and Reindeer cookie cutters

The reindeer cookie cutters, like Santa, are also available in a full-body version, as well as a head-only version. I know it may be too late in the season to pick up more Christmas cookie cutters, but it’s never too late to plan ahead for next year.

Template for the Santa Claus Cookies

To help with the decorating process, I made a PDF template available for Santa and Reindeer cookie designs shown. Also, there’s a separate second template for the head-only designs.

You can download the FULL-BODY cookie templates HERE.

You can download the HEAD-ONLY cookie templates HERE.

You can download the REINDEER cookie templates HERE.

If you have a Kopykake or Pico projector, just print it out (or pull it up on your mobile device) and you are good to go. For those without a projector, follow the suggested steps below by tracing the design onto the cookie with an edible food marker.

The Decorating Process

For these Santa Claus Cookies, you will need the following suggested colors:

  1. For those without a projector, begin by making a guideline for where the face and suit sections should be. I made a template with template plastic from the PDF file above and used a food marker to draw the guideline on the cookie.

    Santa Claus cookies step 1
  2. Using the marker line as a guide, outline and then flood alternating sections. I began with the face and the red suit sections first. I let those sections set up for about 20 minutes, then moved on to the arms, the boots, and white suit sections.

    Let these sections dry for about an hour before moving on.

    Santa Claus cookies step 2
  3. Next, fill in the beard area. Then add a belt band and the toes with black icing. Be sure to act quickly and add the white highlight mark on the toes.

    Add the remaining ball of the cap with white icing. Once the beard section had time to set, add the eyebrows, and one side of the mustache.

    Santa Claus cookies step 3
  4. Then add the eyes, the belt buckle, and the other side of the mustache.

    Finally, add the nose and the outline details on the hat and boots.

    Santa Claus cookies step 4

Video Tutorial

The steps above are summarized in the time-lapsed video below.

Here are the finished Santa Claus cookies with his buddy, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

How to Make Santa Claus Cookies by SemiSweetDesigns.com

As mentioned above, you can find both the reindeer body cookie cutter and the head-only version in my shop.

How to Make Santa Claus Cookies by SemiSweetDesigns.com

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tutorial. It might be my last before the holiday break. However, I’ll be gearing up for more decorating and unique cookie ideas to share in the new year.

One last reminder: The shop will be closed (Mon. Dec 18 thru Tues. Dec. 26th) for the Christmas break. If you would like to make a shop purchase, please do so by this Sunday, Dec. 17, to ensure it will be processed in time.

Thank you! Happy Holidays!


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14 replies on “How to Make Santa Claus Cookies

  1. Ah well, next year! That reindeer head is superb.

  2. Love all your cutters!!!!
    I hadn’t seen the Reaindeer ones 😭. There’s always next year.
    Can’t wait to see what new designs you come up for Valentines Day! 🤪

    1. Thanks, Clau! The reindeer was just added today. :) Anything you would like to see for Valentines?

      1. I would like to see a cherub for Valentine’s…possibly with a bow and arrow or harp.

  3. Received my cutters today. Looking forward to using them. It’s a pity that the UK post handling charge and UK customs make them double the original price. I need to work out how many I can order to make it cost effective. Does anyone know?

    1. Oh that’s a bummer! Are you in any Facebook cookie groups? You could ask the masses to see how they go about buying internationally, especially to the UK.

  4. I’m fascinated with that bottle you use, it appears to hold a regular decorating tip. Genius! Why doesn’t everyone use one and where can we get one?

    1. Hi Judy, you can buy the bottles in my shop. However, they are out of stock at the moment. I should get some more in after the holiday break. Most people don’t use bottles because they don’t like filling them, or cleaning them afterwards. I’m a rare case in that I love using them.

  5. Yes, I am fascinated with the bottles too and I would love to know where to get them.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Alejandra, see my comment above. Thanks!

  6. Thank you, thank you!!! I am such a huge fan of your cutters! Lunar new year is coming up in February so if you are looking for designs to produce more products, cutters for lunar new year would be awesome 😉 happy holidays!

  7. Laura Echeverría Cossío 7

    Thank you for your great cookie cutters and for your fantastic tutorials!
    Your cookies are always so pretty!
    Again, thank you!

  8. Wow! I have always loved baking, but with teaching, twin 13 year olds (one ASD), and other life happenings, it has been put on the “back burner” or the “bottom oven rack”. However, I am ready to get baking again!! After 20 years of wanting one, I bought myself a Kitcheade mixer for Christmas. I watch all the baking shows and am REALLY wanting to try royal icing cookies. Yours is the first one I’ve found that I’m excited about trying. What do you like better about Americolor food coloring than Wiltons?

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