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Bright and Cheery Easter Color Palette by Semi Sweet Designs

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Bright and Cheery Easter Color Palette

Written by Mike Tamplin Feb 22, 2017


Bright and Cheery Easter Color Palette by Semi Sweet Designs

I have a confession to make. Picking out color schemes for cookies is hard (for me at least). On average, I can plan out the design of a cookie idea in an hour or less. However, deciding on how I should color a cookie design can take me DAYS to mull it over. I’ll look to Pinterest, or items I find in the seasonal section of department stores for any source of inspiration. Then I’ll go back-and-forth in my head whether I’m making the right choice. Then, as the first drop of food coloring hits the icing, I give my last prayer to the icing gods that I made the right decision. This is a typical cookie week for me.

When I do find a color scheme I like, I tell myself I should write it down. That’s really what this post is about. You see, I loved the color palette of the recent Easter cookie set I made and will probably want to mix these colors again. Creating this post is a way for me to remember what colors I used and how I mixed the colors I had on hand. Also, if you like the color scheme I’m about to show you, hopefully you’ll find this reference useful, as well.

Mixing the Icing Colors

I like to call this color scheme the “Bright and Cheery Easter Color Palette”. Looking at the colors instantly brightens my mood and puts a smile on my face, hence the name.

Bright and Cheery Easter Color Palette by Semi Sweet Designs

What’s great about this color palette is most of the colors come straight out of the bottle, with no color-mixing involved. To achieve these colors, I mixed the following:

  1. Poppy Pink – One small drop of Rainbow Dust Pink (A little goes a long way.)

  2. Egg Yellow – The name makes this one obvious: Americolor Egg Yellow

  3. Carrot Orange – Americolor Orange

  4. Blossom Blue – Equal parts Americolor Teal and Americolor Sky Blue.

  5. Easter Grass Green – Two parts Americolor Egg Yellow and One part Americolor Mint.

  6. Violet Purple – Rainbow Dust Progel Purple

  7. Sunlit Brown – 2 parts Rainbow Dust Chestnut and 1 part Rainbow Dust Caramel. (If you don’t have Rainbow Dust gels, 1 part Americolor Chocolate Brown, 1 part Americolor Electric Green, and 1 part Americolor Egg Yellow will work as well.)

For a more pastel color palette that is less bright but equally cheery, you can do one of two things: reduce the color gel amount added to the icing, or add more white icing to your existing mixture.

Decorated Easter Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

In the next few days, I’ll be referring this Easter color palette as I start putting together a few tutorials for the cookies shown above. I hope you stay tune!


20 replies on “Bright and Cheery Easter Color Palette

  1. Hi,I’m thrilled to have found your site. I love the cutters, and the tutorials are a dream come true!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I’m happy you stopped by!

  2. I always struggle with color palettes. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. Once again Mike, you make my heart melt by just looking at your cookies. I love your work and your willingness to always share your knowledge and talent. Thank you }!

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