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About Me

Hello! I’m Mike, the guy behind the cookies of Semi Sweet Designs.

I’ve always considered myself a creative person. Other people consider me a geek, a term of endearment in my opinion. I’m constantly imagining ways to turn my love of TV, sci-fi movies, and pop culture into cookie form. This blog journals the many cookie designs I create in my spare time as well as tips and tricks I learn along the way.

This hobby of cookie making developed into a passion practically overnight. I entered the world of cookie decorating in November 2011. I was looking for a gift idea for a friend that had everything. He was a lover of cookies, so I Googled a few decorated cookie tutorials online and gave it a shot. It turned out to be a lot of fun, therapeutic even. So this would-be, one time, kitchen craft became a non-stop hobby that consumes my free time.

When I’m not in my southern California kitchen covered in royal icing, I work full time as an aerospace engineer. By day, I’m a hard-working, cubicle-dwelling, number cruncher. By night, I’m a dough-mixing, cookie-icing machine.

Within every batch I make, cookie mistakes are inevitable. However, eating these mistakes is one of my favorite perks. I balance all the sugar I consume by burning off calories with my love of soccer, hiking, long-distance running, and chasing after Indy, my terrier sidekick.

More about me and some FAQs

Q: When did you start blogging/making cookies?

November 2011.

Q: Do you sell your cookies or take custom orders?

No, I do not sell any of the cookies I post on this blog. I tried my hand at customer orders for cookies but realized it wasn’t for me. Instead I come up with my own ideas on a whim, blog about the experience, and hand those cookies to the next person I see– neighbors, family, soccer teammates, etc.– whether they like it or not.

Q: What sugar cookie recipe do you use?

I have a few roll-out recipes I’ve posted on my blog that you can find here. But, my go-to basic sugar cookie recipe can be found here.

Q: What royal icing recipe do you use?

You can find my royal icing recipe here.

Q: What kind of photography experience / set up / equipment do you use?

I’ve been shooting with a fancy, grown up camera for only about two years, pretty much when I started this blog. I’m constantly improving my photography and welcome any tips you might have. All my pictures for this blog have been taken with my Nikon D7000 and a 35mm f/ 1.8 lens. You can see my typical photo set up by clicking here.

Can I use your photos on my website?

You are welcome to share one photo per post as long as you clearly indicated that the photo is from Semi Sweet Designs and provide a link to the original post that the photo came from. If you are interested in using additional photos, or obtaining rights for commercial use, please contact me.

Q: Is there a way for me to know when you’ve posted something new?

You bet! You can “like” my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest. Also, you can subscribe to my blog and have post updates delivered to your email.

Q: I have a question. Can I email you directly?

Of course. You can contact me here or email any questions and comments to mike@semisweetdesigns.com.

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