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Airbrushed Wave Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

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Airbrushed Wave Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Aug 23, 2015


Summer is nearly over, but I wanted to fit in one more summer themed treat before we all get flooded with pumpkin spiced everything (“hashtag” cantwait).

After posting my Beach Hut Cookies, I had a few requests to show how I made the airbrushed wave cookies I included in the set. I put together this tutorial with images, plus a new feature… a video. Check out the post below for all the details.

Preparing the Dough

To make the shape of these cookies, take any circle cookie cutter and cut it equally in half with a knife. The specific circle cutter I used was from this Betty Crocker cutter set and was about 4-inches in diameter.

After cutting the circles in half, bake them, and then you’re ready to decorate.

If you need a roll-out sugar cookie recipe, you can view my recipe post here.

Patriotic Bunting cookies preparing the dough

The Decorating Process

To help guide you through the decorating process, I provided a PDF template of the design. In the file, you can see a sketch of the finished design, as well as a shield template that you will see in use later. You can download the template here.

  1. 1

    Fill Middle Section

    Using a paper cutout template or a Kopykake (or Pico) projector as a guide, outline and fill the middle section of the wave cookie with sky blue royal icing. Leave to dry completely (about 2 hours).

    Airbrushed Wave Cookies Step 1
  2. 2

    Airbrush the Middle Section

    To airbrush these wave cookies, you will need to cutout the shield from the template I provided. I used plastic template material, but sturdy cardstock would work. You will also need sky blue airbrush color and an airbrush machine. (I own a Pegasus brand airbrush, but I think it’s marketed as the Duff brand now. They totally look the same.)

    Airbrushed wave cookies step 2

    I found it easier to begin by first flipping the cookie upside-down. With the shield covering the “left” side of the wave cookie, lightly airbrush the “bottom” two thirds of the cookie. Then airbrush a heavier application at the edge, as shown below.

    airbrush wave cookies step 3

    The airbrushed wave cookies at this point should look similar to these below. I was a little heavy-handed with the airbrushing on some of the cookies, but they should all look fine after the last details are added. Let the airbrush color dry (about an hour).

    Here’s an airbrush tip!

    If the airbrush color still feels tacky to the touch after drying, dust on a light layer of cornstarch over the airbrushed cookie with a food-only fluffy paintbrush.

    airbrushed wave cookies step 4
  3. 3

    Add Top Layer Detail

    Once the airbrush color had time to set and dry, add the blue and white icing details on top of the middle section, as shown below.

    airbrushed wave cookies step 5

Finish the airbrushed wave cookies with a few, white icing, water drop accents to fill in the empty space to the right.

Airbrushed Wave Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

I felt this tutorial would probably be better suited if you saw it in action. Here’s my first attempt at making a video tutorial. Please pardon the focusing issues and the blue airbrushed fingers.

beach hut cookie platter

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  1. Your cookies are so beautiful, they take my breath away.

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