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How to Make Hat Cookies More Interesting

Written by Mike Tamplin Feb 26, 2015


There are many hat cookie cutters available with a basic design in mind when it comes to decorating them. However, here’s a way to put a twist (literally) on the design to add more interest to the standard hat cookie.

St. Patrick's Day hat sketch

No offense to traditional hat cookie lovers. I just wanted to share that by drawing the design at an angled, off-to-the-side perspective (as shown above), it adds a little more flair with very little added effort. Most importantly, there is no need to change the shape of the cookie itself.

Decorating Process

These hat cookies were made using the hat cutter from this Wilton Snowman Cutter set. Here’s an example of how to use this angled hat design for St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. 1

    Begin by sketching out the band and brim on the cookie using a food marker. Then fill the top and bottom parts of the design with green royal icing. Give the icing time to set.

    St. Patrick's Day Cookies Step 1
  2. 2

    After the green icing had time to crust over, fill the middle portion with black icing. Let the black icing set before adding a buckle with gold icing.

    To add dimension to the hat cookie design, add another layer of green icing for the side brim. Let the cookie dry completely for a a few hours.

    St. Patrick's Day Cookies Step 2
  3. 3

    Lastly, add the final details. With a #2 piping tip and green icing, outline the brim of the hat and the top of the hat. For additional flair, add white shine accents with a food-only paintbrush and white food gel coloring.

    St. Patrick's Day Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

This hat cookie design can be used for a number of occasions and themes. Aside from St. Patrick’s Day, you could use this design for pilgrim hats at Thanksgiving, snowman hats at Christmas, or Steampunk-themed top hats, just to name a few.

Rainbow Pot of Gold Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

These St. Patrick’s Day hat cookies were part of a set of cookies I made for the holiday. Check back in a few days to see how to make the rainbow pot-of-gold cookies you see in the picture above.


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36 replies on “How to Make Hat Cookies More Interesting

  1. No one can “top” your great ideas, Mike!!!

  2. Hey Mike, I really appreciate you teaching me how to decorate like an artist!! I can’t even draw a stick man, but these step by step instructions and pictures are easy to follow ans sooooo helpful!! Judy

    1. I really appreciate your feedback, Judy! Thank you!

  3. Mike how do you make it look so simply perfect? What colors gels go you us?And how do you get your icing so shiny?
    Thank for the help. From a wanna be cookie maker.

    1. Hi Terrie, I use Americolor food gels and Rainbow Dust progels. You can find both brands on Amazon. To get the shine on the icing, just dry the wet cookies in front of a heated electrical tabletop fan.

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