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Cookie Cutters for Camping Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Jul 31, 2014


One of my favorite summer activities is camping. I’m pretty lucky to live in a state with so many camping options. Whether it’s hiking in the lush green mountains of the San Juan Islands, or taking a wine-tasting excursion in the Yakima Valley desert, either way you are sure to come home from the experience with a laundry basket full of dirty clothes that smell like a campfire.

Oh, speaking of campfires, that’s the best part of camping to me– the building of the fire pit. The worse part of camping– finding a spider in your sleeping bag and getting 2nd-degree burns from melted marshmallows. The good parts outweigh the bad though.

With so much love I have for camping, I’m surprised making camping cookies hasn’t crossed my mind until now. There are so many aspects to camping you can easily cookie-fy, but these are just a handful of ideas I thought I would share.

Camping Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

For this set of camping cookies, I tried to avoid being overly complicated with the designs. In that effect, I used common cutter shapes to keep things easy. Only some minor trimming was needed.

Cookies Cutters for Camping Cookies

For the compass cookie, I used an Wilton eyeglass cutter with just one of the ends trimmed off. The tent was made from trimming off the top of a heart and flipping it upside-down. The camping backpack was made from an upside-down skull. Both the heart and the skull cookie cutters came from this Betty Crocker cutter set.

Camping Cookies: compass, tent, backpack

The canteen was made from a random ornament cutter I picked up somewhere, but I can’t remember. I used an X-letter cutter from the Betty Crocker set to make the roasting marshmallows. The campfire cookie is an upside-down acorn from this Wilton autumn set.

Camping cookies: canteen, marshmallows, camp fire

I don’t own a rectangle cutter so I opted for a mummy-style sleeping bag design using a coffin cutter. The tree cookie is from, well, a tree cutter. (No creativity there.)

Camping Cookies: tree, sleeping bags

All the fine line details were done using Rainbow Dust Food pens.

Now like I said, these are just a few ideas for camping cookies. There’s so many aspects to camping that the possibilities are endless. I hope to make another set in the future and incorporate designs I wanted to do but just didn’t have the time– a lantern, rustic RV camper, and maybe wildlife animals come to mind.

I’ve been taking it easy this summer, but I have a few upcoming cookie ideas in work. So stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Camping Cookies Platter by Semi Sweet Designs


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48 replies on “Cookie Cutters for Camping Cookies

  1. Hi I was wondering if you take custom cookie orders? My husband is retiring and we are planning a camping theme retirement party on August 27, 2015. I would love to have your camping cookies on each table for my guests. Please contact me either at 417 379 1108 or markopp5824@gmail.com.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary. Unfortunately, I do not take custom cookie orders. I just share tips and tricks on this blog. Thanks for visiting though.

  2. maxine heckman 26

    where can I get the cookie cutters

  3. Love these! You just need the cooler or 6 pack of beer 😂 🍻

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