Star Wars Macarons by Semi Sweet Designs

Star Wars Macarons

By Mike Tamplin on May 4, 2014


Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! If you regularly follow this blog you know I like to do something special on this special day. This time around I wanted to push myself with a challenging dessert… the french macaron. For those unfamiliar, a macaron is a little cookie sandwich that has crunchy exterior, but chewy interior, shells and a dessert filling in the middle.

My cookie friend, Tiffany of Snickerdoodle Sweets & Events, recently gave me a copy of Mindy Cone‘s book, Gourmet French Macarons, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to give macarons a try. Mindy’s book shows pages and pages of creative ways to decorate an otherwise typical macaron. I used her great tips and tricks to attempt my version of Star Wars macarons.

Now macarons has a reputation of being challenging because their baking process can be very temperamental. I used Mindy’s macaron recipe she includes in her book, but because I’m a visual learner, I also watched a number of YouTube videos to see the process in action. The two videos I found most helpful was one by Honeysuckle Catering (below)

and the other by Entertaining with Beth (below).

Using the tips and strategies from all three sources, I was able to achieve some decent results. The macaron recipes can be found in the videos posted above, as well as a few links I provided at the bottom of this post.

For the Star Wars macarons, I decided to do three different designs fans of the series will hopefully recognize. After the macaron shells were baked, I decorated the tops with royal icing. The picture below shows the steps to create a simplified representation of Chewbacca and his iconic metal sash.

Star Wars Macarons- decorating Chewbacca

These Chewbacca macarons were made with chocolate macaron shells and a chocolate ganache filling.

Star Wars Macarons- Chewbacca

Another Star Wars macaron design is of one of my favorite characters of the series, R2-D2. They are made of white, almond-flavored macaron shells with a vanilla buttercream center that I tinted blue.

Star Wars Macarons- R2D2

Lastly, I had to complete my Star Wars macarons set by representing the Dark Side. These treats were made to look like the Imperial’s Death Star. Similar to the R2-D2 macarons, they were lemon-flavored macaron shells with a vanilla buttercream filling.

Star Wars Macarons- Death Star

If you would like to try your hand at macarons, here are a few helpful links to guide you through the process:

For more Star Wars related treats, be sure to check out these links:

May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars Macarons by Semi Sweet Designs


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37 replies on “Star Wars Macarons

  1. Question: what did you use to create the black dots on the death star?

    1. Hi Paula, I used a Rainbow Dust food pen to make those dots. It has a super fine tip. You can find one here on Amazon.

  2. Hi Mike, these are awesome!! My bro-in-law sent me this link as a request to make him your Star Wars Macs. What did you use for the designs? Is it colored royal icing, modeling chocolate, or frosting? I saw an earlier post about the dust pens. Thank you!

    1. Hi there, Keila. I used colored royal icing for the details. I used a medium-stiff consistency for piping the lines, and a medium consistency for the larger areas that needed filling. Here’s my recipe for royal icing.

      1. Hi Mike,

        Thank you so much for your help and your recipe. I’ve never used royal icing yet but excited to try it. I have Mindy Cone’s book also. Do you have an FB page and IG for your work also? Thanks again and have a great weekend! I’m Faith.. Keila is my little one that I named my macarons after.

        1. Oops, sorry for assuming, Faith! I’m on both FB and IG! You can find the links to both on my sidebar near the top where the social media buttons are located. Thanks again!

  3. I took a class to learn how to make French macarons. I tip my hat to you because I thought these little pastries were difficult to make. To quote Vader, “Most impressive.”

  4. Hi Mike! Was curious if you do orders? A lot of Marines (including myself) that I work with LOVE Star Wars. I shared this post with about 20 of them and now everyone wants them. It was a hot topic yesterday at our safety stand down :)

    Would you be willing to create and mail out? Just curious.

  5. How do you store the complete macaron decorated with royal icing? I heard the royal icing can break down if it is store in the fridge due to condensation.

  6. I don’t suppose you sell these? I’m in CA if that helps to know?

    1. Unfortunately, I just bake as a hobby. I don’t sell at this time. Thanks for stopping by.

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