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Cookie Queens Royal Baby Shower

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Cookie Queens Royal Baby Shower

Written by Mike Tamplin Apr 15, 2014


A special miracle occurred in the cookie world last week. Two cookie bloggers that I truly admire, Georganne of LilaLoa and Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle, each gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Callye and Georganne are so admired and highly regarded as leaders and teachers in the cookie community. I guess you could say two princesses were born from these two cookie queens.

To commemorate this wonderful occasion, a group of cookiers, including myself, wanted to honor Callye and Georganne in a way they both could appreciate… through cookies! A royal baby shower themed collaboration seemed appropriate for these two cookie queens.

For my contribution, I wanted to see if I could combine the themes of cookie baking, infants, and queens. It just so happened my friend, Steve of Scarillo, was visiting me at the time I was planning out ideas for this collaboration. He helped me brainstorm and sketch out a design that combined the three themes I was going for. Our main source of inspiration was the queens from a deck of playing cards.

Pink Cookie Queen Baby Shower cookies

The idea was to use cookie baking supplies in the place of the suits in a deck of cards. In the pink cookie above, hopefully you can tell the suit of hearts is a heart-shaped cookie cutter. While in the purple picture below, a icing bag is in the shape of a spade.

Purple Cookie Queen Baby Shower cookies

Each little princess is also depicted ruling with their toy of choice: a rolling pin and a whisk. It’s never too early to follow in your mom’s footsteps.

Now, you are in for a royal treat. Below are all the wonderful royal baby shower ideas from the other fourteen contributors. I am so honored to be a part of this collaboration of creative cookiers showing our appreciation for two of our own. Please take a moment to check out all the other fun baby shower projects at the links below.

Congratulations, Callye and Georganne!

Cookie Queens Royal Baby Shower
  1. 1

    Sweet Ambs

  2. 2

    Jill FCS

  3. 3

    The Decorated Cookie

  4. 4

    Klickitat Street

  5. 5

    Semi Sweet

  6. 6

    Simply Sweets by Honey Bee

  7. 7

    Make Me Cake Me

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Montreal Confections

  10. 10

    The Partiologist

  11. 11

    Munchkin Munchies

  12. 12

    The Cookie Puzzle

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Chapix Cookies

  15. 15

    Ali Bee’s Bakeshop


51 replies on “Cookie Queens Royal Baby Shower

  1. These are amazing and so creative!! I am blown away. This is the first thing I have seen from you and I will definitely be following your blog now to see what other amazing stuff you come up with.

    1. Thanks so much! And so glad of you to stop by!

  2. Mike,
    I don’t have words to describe how lovely these are. You are a genius!!!

  3. I admire you as well, more than you know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means so much!

  4. Omgosh..how did I not find you until today? :) Your cookies are absolutely beautiful!
    I have been wanting to try the “chalkboard” cookie, and now, after finding your blog..I’m ready to give it a go!

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