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Old Fashioned Telephone Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

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Old-Fashioned Telephone Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Jan 15, 2014


I have been on a vintage kick lately. It could very well be a carry-over from my last Downton Abbey post. There is just something charming about vintage style I’m really drawn to. This also could explain why I tend to linger around the Tim Holtz scrapbook section at craft stores.

In fact, it was in the scrapbook section where I found the inspiration for my latest set of cookies. This telephone stamp set by Hero Arts has a great collection of vintage phones along with a nice, “just because” message that I thought would be great to cookie-fy.

I made these cookies using a Wilton 7-piece Christmas cookie cutter set I purchased over the holidays. This set is amazing! If you don’t have it already I highly recommend hunting it down. With any luck, it might be on clearance at craft stores right now.

Wilton 7 piece Christmas cookie cutter set

Included in this set are one circle cutter (you can never have enough of those), three types of hat cutters, and three kinds of boots cutters. Most of the shapes in this set are quite universal. For instance, take a look at these four cookie cutters.

Wilton cookie cutters

I was able to make four various types of phones with hardly any kind of modification to the shapes.

Old Fashioned Telephone Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

Additionally, old-fashioned telephone cookies aren’t the only designs I imagine you can create with these shapes. Besides the intended shapes of hats and boots, I see a t-shirt, a slice of bread, football shoulder pads (a great possibility for the upcoming Super Bowl), and a lady’s corset (for Valentine’s Day, maybe?) just to name a few.


If you can’t find this set available at stores you can order one here on Amazon. Even though ordering online might not get you an after-Christmas clearance price, I think this set is worth paying top dollar.

Old Fashioned Telephone Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

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59 replies on “Old-Fashioned Telephone Cookies

  1. I don’t have that creative, imaginative eye that sees many different things in one cookie cutter. I think it’s awesome that you do. These vintage phones are perfect. I hope you stay on this vintage kick for a bit longer. Totally enjoying what you are creating.

    1. Thanks so much, Paula!

  2. Mike, I just wanted to say congratulations on your Seahawks!
    They will be playing the Super Bowl in my State of New Jersey. Ummm…will there be a post on Seahawks cookies?


    1. It was an intense game! I think Seahawks cookies are definitely in order. :)

  3. Love these, and the cartoony feel they have.

    I’ve seen that set at Joann’s and always figured I didn’t need it cuz I probably wouldn’t ever use it as it was intended. But now that you mention it, they ARE very universal! I’ll have to grab it next time.

  4. These are awesome, love em!!

  5. Though I saw these on Facebook I think I never got a chance to comment(still having issue with commenting but it appears to be working through mozilla )
    Brilliant use of cutters!
    When I first saw these they made me laugh. They reminded me of the very first phone we had when I was growing up. We only got it when I was 7 or 8 and it was bright orange and it looked just like the one in light teal color.
    Wonderful set Mikey.
    Using a phone booth on the corner, or a booth at the post office to make a call seems like an ancient history.

  6. Is it possible to order vintage telephone cookies from you – since I don’t have the skills to create them myself, even with your awesome suggestions…. ???

    1. Hi Dianne, while I do not take orders I can refer you to cookie decorators in the US that could help you with your request. If you are interested, email me at mike@semisweetdesigns.com and tell me where you are located. I’ll set up with with someone local. Thanks!

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