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Mother’s Day Baking Themed Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin May 12, 2013


Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!

This post will be a quick one. I just wanted to share with you this batch of cookies I made for Mother’s Day. I decided to go with a mom-and-kids baking theme.

As you might have guessed, I got inspiration while baking a previous batch of cookies. I essentially went around my kitchen looking for items that had large and small versions of itself. After drawing up some designs of what I found, I added some eyes and mouths to resemble adoring kids with their grown up moms.

I know some moms may not be the baker in the family. This set could easily be made for all those dads out there that love to bake, as well. Just remove the eyelashes and swap out the red lips for dad-like mustaches. Maybe change up the color palette, too.

Here are the cookie pieces I came up with:

mother's day cookies spatula measuring spoons jars

For the baking sheet design, I decided to make the “kid” a muffin pan instead, because two baking sheets seemed too boring and flat. Although, it does make you wonder who might be this kid’s father. (A relative of the mixing bowl family would be my guess.)

mother's day baking themed cookies mixing bowls baking sheet

Below are my favorites of the bunch. I modeled the green stand mixer after my actual mixer. I can’t get enough of that green apple color! I don’t personally own an apron (yet), but I thought one would couple well with an oven mitt. Both are made of cloth material and offer some sort of protection while in the kitchen.

mother's day baking themed cookies

Well, that completes this set. What’s funny is this batch isn’t even going to my mom. She’s diabetic. But! she’s getting an electric toothbrush that she’s been wanting instead. I am, however, dropping these off at a few friends’ homes to help celebrate their special day with their family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!

mother's day baking themed cookies


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79 replies on “Mother’s Day Baking Themed Cookies

  1. lovely cookies. how do you prevent them from getting soft while decorating

  2. Dear Mike
    Why no cookie cutters for these cookies? Any tips on how to get the shapes from scratch?


    Anna Clark

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