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Star Wars Ewok Cookies with Printable Templates

Written by Mike Tamplin May 1, 2013


It’s finally May! Do you know what that means? We are just days away from the fan-proclaimed Star Wars Day, May 4th– a day fans of the series get punny with the phrase, “May the 4th be with you.” To help fellow Star Wars fans out there celebrate this glorious day, I made a cookie tutorial of my favorite race in the Star Wars universe, the Ewoks.

Typically, character cookies are the most challenging type of decorated cookie to do. However, my hopes when I put this tutorial together was to reduce any decorating intimidation by simplifying the designs, while using common cookie cutter shapes. To top it off, I’m also providing a printout template of the designs as an aid if you decide to make these treats for yourself. Now lets get started!

For these Star Wars Ewok cookies, I came up with two designs. The first one is simply the head of an Ewok.

Ewok Head Cookies

To make these head cookies, I began with cookies cut by this Easter egg cutter (shown below).

You can download and print the PDF template of this design HERE.

ewok face cookie cutter and template

Tracing tip!

If you happen to have a Kopykake projector you can skip the tracing steps entirely– just pop the template in the Kopykake and move on to the next step.

The first step is to make a tracing template from the printout. I like using clear template plastic as a guide because it’s durable. You can use card stock, a manila folder, or just cut out the paper design and use that as your tracing guide. It’s up to you. Place the template on the cookie and trace around it with a food coloring marker.


Next up, the fur. Using only piping consistency royal icing, outline around the fur sections, then continue and fill the middle areas.

ewok cookie piping filling

Using a toothpick, swirl the end around the fur section until the area is fully covered. Let the icing set and “crust over” for about twenty minutes, then swirl a toothpick around again. This creates the rough, teddy bear texture.

ewok cookie fur texture

Flooding tip!

Use a toothpick to help spread the icing into the tight corners.

For the hooded cloak area, you will need piping and flood consistency royal icing. (I mixed super red and chocolate brown food coloring to get the rust color icing for the cloak.) Outline the area first with piping icing, then flood the middle with flood icing.

Let this set to dry for at least 8 hours (or overnight).

ewok cookie cloak steps

After the cloak area had time to dry, add the details. Use black 20-second icing for the eyes and use chocolate brown piping icing for the nose, the stitching detail, and the bottom lip. After the bottom lip had time to set (about 15 minutes), pipe the top lip. Lastly, go over the edges of the cloak again with piping icing and you are done!

ewok cookie final details

Now, that is just one example of an Ewok design. Ewoks have fur in many colors and accessorize a little differently from one another. Below are a few combinations I threw together. I stuck to mostly earth-tones colors, while accenting the cloaks with tribal features like feathers and bones.

ewok cookie heads

Full Body Ewok Cookies

If you are feeling adventurous, here is another simplified Ewok cookie you might want to try. This time it’s a complete Ewok body design. I used a teddy bear cookie cutter from this Betty Crocker set (shown below).

You can download and print the PDF template of this design HERE.

ewok body cookie cutter and template

The process for this cookie follows basically the same instructions as the Ewok head cookie above.

ewok cookies body first steps

Here’s where these body cookies differ from the head cookies. Ewoks have three fingers and three toes on each appendage. To create these with royal icing, pipe every other toe/finger first with 20-second consistency icing. (You can see what I mean in the Step 5 below.) After the icing had time to set, pipe the remaining fingers and toes.

ewok cookie body adding detail steps

As for accessories, I repeated what I did to the Ewok heads with these cookies, but with some extra accents on the body. I added a utility belt with an axe around the waist on one guy, and a messenger bag/satchel on another for some variety. That’s pretty much all there’s to it. Now these Ewoks are geared up to help the Rebels and kick some Imperial butt!

finished ewok cookies full body

Hopefully, you enjoyed this theme because I’m about to hit you with another Star Wars cookie design on actual Star Wars Day. That’s this Saturday, May 4th (in case you forgot already). So, if you’re interested in more Star Wars themed treats, please remember to check back in a few days to see what I have to share next. May the 4th be with you soon.

complete ewok cookie set

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42 replies on “Star Wars Ewok Cookies with Printable Templates

  1. These are my favorite! I absolutely love Ewoks. My favorite was the Battle for Endor with Cindel. That little girl was so adorable. I wanted to own a real Ewok just about as bad as I wanted to own a Gremlin. LOL!

    1. Yes! I always wanted to have a little singing mogwai from Gremlins too!

  2. SO fantastic. I have 4 kids and 3 our boys, they would love these. You have skills for sure. Thanks for linking them up to COM-MON. Jen

  3. AMAZING!!!!!! These & Jabba, are exceptionally detailed!! I made pizzas for MayTheForth, nothing like this, however.
    May The Forth Be With You!!

  4. These are wonderful and your photo background is just fabulous Mike.

  5. Thanks a lot for Your explanation, Will enjoy baking them!
    Best Regards

  6. These are absolutely disgusting

  7. Great job! That is why I love being a Pastry Chef there are so many people that have a passion for the creative thinking that is worked into letting people know how creative they can be. The possibilities are endless!

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