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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Mar 20, 2013


Easter is coming.

Are you a fan of the show, Game of Thrones? If so, you probably are aware the Season 3 premiere airs the night of Easter Sunday. I’m stoked and cannot wait. To commemorate this special event I wanted to combine both occasions by making Game of Thrones dragon egg cookies.


If you haven’t see the show or aren’t currently caught up, this post has some mild spoilers. So, if you don’t want any story lines to be given away, read no more and just skip to the pretty pictures at the bottom of the post.

These dragon eggs were a major feature during Season 1. Daenerys Targaryen, a.k.a. the Mother of Dragons, was given these eggs as a wedding gift. Daenerys is probably my favorite character because after she got the title of Khaleesi she also became a badass dragon whisperer. That alone seemed to overshadow all the other characters in the show for me.

GOT movie still
Khaleesi holds her dragons

To make the eggs, I began with sketching out the design. At first, I thought simple scalloped rows across the egg would do the trick. But it didn’t look right at all. The egg just looked flat and boring. So, then I tried to sketch a grid guide that showed dimension and some sort of rounded perspective. It was harder than I thought, but after a few tries (seven, actually) I had a grid I was happy with.

sketch egg grid

I love using tracing paper sometimes for sketching because if I want the design to be symmetric, I can just fold the sheet down the middle and trace the pattern on the other side. Also, tracing paper made converting my diamond grid into a scale surface really easy.

I first began by texturing the bottom using Haniela’s plastic wrap method. After piping the outline and flooding every other scale until it was complete, the dragon eggs still looked off. The pattern seemed right but the cookie still looked too flat, dull, and plain.

game of throne cookies before airbrushing

That is, until I revved up my airbrush gun.

airbrushing game of thrones egg cookies

With an airbrush food-coloring mixture of Earth tone colors, I did a super light coat over the entire cookie. Then, I went over the left and right sides with a heavier coat. This gave the cookie the illusion of being more rounded. Also, the darker shading added a nice gritty, aged look to the eggs.

game of thrones cookie platter

And there you have it. The finished dragon eggs. Hopefully, these cookies carry the Targaryen stamp of approval.

What do you think, Daenerys?


Calm down, Khaleesi. Did you check the kitchen? I pretty sure I saw them in the cookie jar. :-P

If you’d like to try airbrushing on cookies but don’t know where to start, I recommend heading over to Lisa at The Bearfoot Baker. Lisa has a whole slew of tips and tutorials on everything you need to know about airbrushing cookies.

If you’re looking for more Game of Thrones sweet treats, Jennifer at Not Your Momma’s Cookie has some awesome GoT-themed dessert ideas you have to check out for yourself.

game of thrones dragon egg cookies

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