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Throwback Thursday – He-Man and She-Ra Heart Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Feb 14, 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day! I was pleased to find out that Valentine’s Day fell on a Thursday this year. It made the perfect opportunity to do throwback Valentine cookies for Throwback Thursday!

Coincidentally, last year for Valentine’s I made throwback Ninja Turtle hearts. It was just a random idea back then and had nothing to do with Throwback Thursday. I was probably just feeling nostalgic around this time last year. (Which makes sense; my birthday is a few days after Valentine’s Day. I tend to get all reminiscent around the middle of February.) Well, for this month’s Throwback Thursday I made He-Man and She-Ra heart cookies.

Master of the universe cookies

These cartoons were two of my top favorites as a kid. She-Ra was a spin-off series from He-man and I loved how both shows had storylines that were frequently intertwined. Here’s a clip of the scene I would always reenact in the living room as a kid…

I’d battle-cry, “I am She-RA!” “I have the POOWWEER!” every time that part came on. I remember Mom saying, “Mike’s screaming again. It must be 4:30pm; time to make dinner.” It was like clockwork.

Anyways, back to the cookies. These designs used the same large heart cutter with the exception of the She-Ra cookie. I used a smaller heart along with a leaf fondant cutter from this Wilton set. These fondant cutters are great because you can flip them over and cut on the reverse side, which came in handy with this design. I did my best to make the leaf cuts as symmetric across the heart as possible.

she-ra cookie cutter

The He-Man chest used the same technique spelled out by Sugarbelle in her Chippendale cookies tutorial. Unfortunately, I added nipples before realizing too late that He-Man didn’t have drawn nipples. It would have been wise to watch an episode or two on YouTube before getting started to refresh my memory.

he-man and she-ra heart cookies

In addition to the two leading heroes, I thought it would be cool to do the villain from both shows.

skeletor and hordak heart cookies

Skeletor and Hordak were made with an upside-down heart. I modified Skeletor’s hood and Hordak’s collar of bones to fit along the cookie’s heart-shaped edge. It just worked out that Skeletor’s nose was an upside-down heart as well. For the fine detail like for the teeth and facial lines, I used a fine-tipped food pen.

he-man and she-ra cookie platter

I hope you liked this second installment of my Throwback Thursday cookie series. My goal is to do a design idea at least once a month. To see last month’s first installment of Throwback Thursday, click here.

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39 replies on “Throwback Thursday – He-Man and She-Ra Heart Cookies

  1. These are all truly fabulous but your Hordak cookies really blew me away.

  2. I want one and I’m not ashamed to admit it. OMG!!!

  3. Awesome cookies!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Francois! I love your work.

  4. These are AMAZING!!! I wish I had the talent to make something like these. I have a huge HE-MAN, SHE-RA Fan who has a B-Day coming up.. who would die having something like this. Great Job!

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