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Queen of Hearts Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Feb 5, 2013


Continuing with the Valentine’s Day theme, I wanted to do something creative with heart shapes. When I think of hearts I immediately think of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I “heart” both the Disney cartoon and the Tim Burton live-action versions. Why not try to do both?

How I Made Queen of Hearts Cookies

My goal was to make it easier on myself, so I made a conscious effort of re-purposing existing cutters. I decided to stick with just heart cutters and channel my inner Sugarbelle to come up with a design. (Heh… “channel my inner Sugarbelle” may sound silly for a guy to say– but trust me, it works. Callye is the Queen of reusing cookie cutters for unintended purposes.)

Coincidentally, another favorite cookie blogger I follow, Georganne of LilaLoa, is challenging us to sketch our own designs before making cookies. This is perfect timing because I think re-purposing cookie cutters go hand-in-hand with first sketching out a design.

disney queen and tim burton queen sketch

The heart shaped cookie cutters I used were from this Betty Crocker set. As I began doodling the queens, my biggest challenge was trying to illustrate the big-boned full-figured Disney queen along side her fairly thin Tim Burton counterpart, all while using the same heart shapes. After trying out different heart arrangements, I was able to solve this problem by increasing the volume of the Tim Burton queen’s dress. By puffing up the shoulder area, along with the hips, I was able to properly fill the entire cookie while still making her look petite (except for her head, of course).

After I finalized a plan, I started cutting out the dough.

tim burton queen dough cutout

I trimmed off the bottom tip because the cookie itself was getting too long. I also trimmed off the arrow portions because they weren’t needed in this design.

Disney queen dough cutout

For the Disney queen, I leveled off the bottom area and kept the arrow portions this time around. The extended points would allow me to place a croquet flamingo in the design like the one she has in the film.

baked queen cookie dough

After the cookies were baked and ready to decorate, I put my sketches in my KopyKake projector and got to icing these ladies.

finished tim burton queen of hearts cookie
finished disney queen of hearts cookie

For the fine details on the face and hands, I used edible food coloring markers.

two finished queen of hearts cookies

Overall, I think my loose-interpretations of these two Queens of Hearts still do a good job resembling the ones from the films. It was nice not having to hand-cut the entire cookie this time, too.

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45 replies on “Queen of Hearts Cookies

  1. Are you serious right now??? I love these!

    The Queen of Hearts is my favorite, but mostly just because I love the way she says “Off with his head!” in the new movie. Cracks me up every time!

    1. Thanks, Karly! The Queen of Hearts totally made that movie.

  2. These are amazing, Mike! I’m really impressed with your cookie decorating skills, and from your sketches, it’s clear you are talented in that area as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alice in Wonderland in its entirety (somehow I missed that boat when I was a kid), but these make me want to check it out!

    1. Thanks, Christie! I remember being slightly afraid of Alice in Wonderland as a kid… I think it was too psychedelic for me to handle. Maybe missing the boat isn’t such a bad thing. :)

  3. Wow, these are so amazing! All your work blows me away!

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