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Throwback Thursday – Teddy Ruxpin Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Jan 24, 2013


My 31st birthday is in a couple of weeks and a few times over the past year I couldn’t help but dwell on the past. (Maybe “dwell” is too strong of a word. What’s a good word for “still feels like a kid, but battles lowered energy levels and increased male-pattern baldness”?) Anyways, while contemplating the woes of aging, I saw this e-card…

I'm 30 e-card

Funny, right? I had a good laugh and realized I shouldn’t be dwelling on the past, but celebrating it. That’s when I came up with Throwback Thursday!

For Throwback Thursday, I plan to do a series of cookies that stem from the joys of my childhood years (mid 80s to early 90s)– anything from toys, movies, TV shows, music, you name it. If you’re an 80s kid, I’m sure you will relate to these posts. If you’re not, I hope you will still have fun following along.

To kick-off Throwback Thursday I made Teddy Ruxpin cookies!

Teddy Ruxpin toy

For those who don’t know, Teddy Ruxpin was a story-telling, plush bear with animated eyes and mouth. He was awesome to say the least. Here, see for yourself…

Now, my family never owned the toy but my nextdoor neighbor, Nicole, did. She would always let me and my brother come over for story time with Teddy. We all loved that toy! (That is, until we saw the movie, Child’s Play, then we were scared of it. But that’s another story for another time.)

Teddy Ruxpin cookie front and back

The magic behind Teddy Ruxpin was actually behind him. If you removed the back of his tan jumpsuit (which was kind of unfortunate looking; but you could chalk that up to notorious 80s fashion), it revealed a battery-operated tape player.

Teddy Ruxpin toy back view of tape player

I wanted to replicate this detail on these cookies. I made and front and back view of Teddy and “glued” the two pieces together with royal icing. When I added the feet pieces to the front, it created a sturdy base and the Teddy cookie could sit up freely.

Teddy Ruxpin back view cookies

In addition to the bear, I made a cookie of the Teddy Ruxpin emblem– the same emblem he had on his chest.

Teddy Ruxpin logo emblem

The Teddy Ruxpin toy was really ahead of its time. He wasn’t a cuddly teddy bear (I remember his head and torso were hard as rocks), but he was definitely a fun toy to have around.

Teddy Ruxpin 80s toy cookie

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me. My plan is to keep up with this series and do a Throwback Thursday at least once a month. I hope I can hold true to that word, even through the busy holiday months.

So, were you lucky enough to own a Teddy Ruxpin toy as a kid? Do you remember his caterpillar friend, Grubby? What about the cartoon series? I’d like to know if Teddy Ruxpin was a special part of your childhood, too.

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36 replies on “Throwback Thursday – Teddy Ruxpin Cookies

  1. Your Teddy Ruxpin cookie is a perfect likeness!!! I love the battery compartment, and the fact that he sits up! TOO CUTE! I will definitely be showing this to my 31 year old daughter that had a Teddy Ruxpin:)

  2. That is so adorable! Maybe I’ll make it when I turn 31 :)

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