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Facebook Valentine Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Jan 9, 2013


In today’s modern society, it seems like everyone is on Facebook. Let’s be honest, you kind of have to be just to keep in touch with friends you might not see on a regular basis. But in this Facebook world, you can easily obsess over the number of likes, comments, or shares due to the constant need to feel validated. Although, I could be speaking solely from my own experience.

Sometimes, when I post what I think is a witty status on Facebook but get no response from anyone, I have a mild, internal freak out. “It’s been 15 minutes. Why isn’t anyone liking or commenting on my post? Was it funny in my head but lame in real life? Should I delete the post and start over? I need validation!! Oh, look… Matt just liked my post. Crisis averted.” That’s normal, right?

Well, since I think everyone loves getting “likes” and Valentine’s Day is coming up, why not combine the two?

You probably remember I made Facebook “like” cookies before to promote my Facebook page. I thought this design would also work well as a modern take on this upcoming holiday. Doesn’t everyone deserve to feel liked on Valentine’s Day? Now, by way of cookies, they can be.

Facebook Valentine Cookies

facebook like valentine cookie

I took the same design as before but changed the blue scheme into a red and pink one. I also added a heart cufflink to really get the point across.

For those feeling a little more flirty, I expanded on the Facebook theme and made “poke” cookies. (TRIVIA: You know the sound effect when you poke someone on Facebook? That voice behind the “poke” soundbite is none other than Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg).

facebook poke valentine cookie

I know both these designs are a little outdated since Facebook has updated these icons with a new look, but I still prefer this old-school style. I think most people can still relate to these versions.

Usually, I’m not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day; it’s just not my thing (nevermind the fact that I’m single). However, lately I’m feeling more creative and inspired. I have a few more Valentine cookies ideas I hope to share in the coming weeks so stick around.

facebook poke like valentine cookies

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34 replies on “Facebook Valentine Cookies

  1. I want to learn how to make these!!

  2. Felicitaciones, maravilloso tu trabajo

  3. OMG! too funny! ‘Poke me’ HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

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