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Frosty the Snowman Cookies Tutorial

Written by Mike Tamplin Dec 4, 2012


Joining the ranks of Rudolph, one of the most beloved cartoon faces this holiday season is, of course, Frosty the Snowman. Maybe it’s his button nose or his eyes of coal that we find so special. Whatever it may be, luckily for us, his face is really simple to reproduce. I’ll show you how.

skull cookie cutter

To make this Frosty face, I used a skull cutter by Wilton. I picked one up after Halloween at Ross, but you can find one here on Amazon.

Frosty the Snowman Cookies

Tracing tip!

If drawing the lines freehand is a little intimidating, use a food coloring marker to draw the where the lines should go before piping.

  1. 1

    Begin with piping the middle “smiley” line in black and the face in white using a #2 tip.

  2. 2

    Next, pipe the brim line using the outer edge of the cookie as a guide.

  3. 1

    Finish the outline of the top of the hat.

  1. 4

    Flood the black band of the hat and the white face. Let those areas dry and set.

  2. 5

    Flood the gray parts of the hat. Let everything set overnight.

  3. 6

    After the cookie has completed dried, pipe the nose with red 15-second icing. With pink 15-second icing, draw an abstract flower on the hat. Leave it to dry for a few hours.

  4. 7

    Next, pipe his almond-shaped eyes and his mouth line. His nose should interfere a little with the areas of the eyes, but his mouth can be as goofy as you want it to be. Finish up with adding the middle of the flower with light blue 15-second icing.

Frosty the Snowman Cookies – Side View with Pipe

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can add his corncob pipe. I shifted his profile to the side to make room for it.

Follow the similar steps as before. For the side profile, the brim of the hat has a slightly different shape than before. A food-coloring marker might come in handy with this step.

Flood the same areas as before.

In the picture above, I forgot to take a shot of first piping the nose and flower parts. So just pretend those were done first and let them dry before adding the face details. Next, flood the pipe with light brown and pipe a middle bead on the flower.

frosty the snowman cookies

Lastly, outline the flower detail with pink and your Frosty cookies are complete.


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59 replies on “Frosty the Snowman Cookies Tutorial

  1. So cute I’m going to try these.. Thanks fir the tutorial

  2. Thank you so much fir sharing your Gift of how to with us! I made these cute cookies and everyone just loved them including myself! They reminded me of being a young child:) they made me smile!

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