Halloween Ambigram Cookies

By Mike Tamplin on Aug 27, 2012


The end of August is a time I always look forward to– Halloween season! Retail stores remove the lingering back-to-school supplies of pens and notebooks from the shelves, replacing them with costumes, candy, and Halloween decorations.

I have a few Halloween cookie ideas I can’t wait to share but first let me show you the package that arrived in the mail this week.

Aren’t they pretty? I got these fancy frame cookie cutters from CopperGifts.com and were the inspiration for my first Halloween cookie idea this year… AMBIGRAMS! They were popular a few years ago when the book/movie, Angels & Demons, came out. Many people still get tattoos of ambigrams of words like “angel/devil,” “life/death,” or even their kids’ names. Just google “ambigrams” and you will see what I mean.

I bet some of you are thinking, “what the heck are ambigrams?” Well, an ambigram is word art that can be read as one or more words depending on how you look at it. Still confused? Here’s one example:

The word “halloween” is written on these cookies, but if you turn these cookies upside-down “halloween” still can be read as if it was right-side up. Now, ambigrams aren’t just for single words. One word can be turned into a totally different word like this example:

The word “trick” can also be “treat!” Pretty cool, right?

I went to FlipScript.com to make these ambigrams. On that site you can input any one or two words and it will create an ambigram for you instantly. I thought choosing Halloween-themed words would be a neat idea for upcoming fall parties. The fact that the font already looked gothic and halloween-y was another plus. If you visit the site, keep in mind that FlipScript is a commercial site that charges for their designs, and they are not free.

Here are my other word combinations I added to this batch.

“fright” and “night”:

“scary” and “ghost”:

“spooky” and “creepy” (this one may be a little difficult to decipher):

And this last one is just the phrase, “trick or treat”, read the same either direction:

I didn’t get too detailed with outlining the frames because I didn’t want to distract from the word itself. I just added a simple, thin line with a spider web here and there– nothing too busy. In all, I had 10 different words/phrases from only 6 ambigrams designs.

I have few more Halloween ideas in work. If they come out as planned I’ll be sure to share them on this blog… so stay tuned!


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22 replies on “Halloween Ambigram Cookies

  1. Patrick Nottingham 9

    Sooo, how did you get them so neatly on to the cookies? Stencil or are you just that good?

  2. Yes, I have the same question – how did you transfer the lettering so perfectly onto the cookies? Stencil? Tracing paper with edible marker? Freehand? Thanks!

    1. I did them with the help of a KopyKake projector and a steady hand. Although, the tracing paper trick with a fine-point edible marker would do the job as well.

      1. Thanks so much for the tip! Absolutely love your work.

  3. I am obsessed with ambigrams and these are so cool!!

  4. Wow – these are great. How fun. Wish I would have seen them in time for all the Halloween platters I worked on. But this post will be a keeper for next year’s spooky cookies. Maybe some night before christmas ones as well…. thanks Mike.

  5. This is so flipping cool! Enjoying your website and fb page.

  6. How thick is your icing while piping the letters. Stunning

    1. I actually used two consistencies for these cookies. I needed a thicker piping icing to do the outline for precision, and a thinner flood icing to carefully fill in the middle sections. Thanks, Asmita.

  7. Hi, MIke! Peachy Keen Cookies here. I just stumbled across these…they are phenomenal! I’m an ambigram geek, although I’m hopeless at creating my own. Thanks for sharing the link to FlipScript. I’m gonna use the heck outta that site. Yay!

    1. Hi April! You’re very welcome.

  8. WOW! I love all of your ideas. Your a very talented artist to vision the end product. Can’t wait to try some of these out, but I’m sure it will take a long time to be as great as you are

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