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Curious George Birthday Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Jul 19, 2012


I had a request from a coworker to make a batch of cookies for her partner, Tessa. The request was for monkey-themed cookies for Tessa’s upcoming birthday. Now, I’ve already done sock monkey cookies so I didn’t want to go that route again. I decided Curious George will fit this bill.

Just googling “Curious George” there were tons images of little George doing things already birthday-related (score! My job just got simpler). I found a few images that would be perfect for this batch. I selected two that I could easily modified and personalize for Tessa.

In one design, I made her age into birthday balloons with Curious George coyly holding them behind his back (although, turning 36 is nothing to be shy about). The other is George icing her name on top of a cake. Some of the details were very tiny (like his face and hands). In those cases, I like to break out a fine-tipped food-coloring marker to get into those tight spaces.

To complete the batch, I picked a few other stock images of Curious George, sort of as filler. I think it makes the batch more interesting to have a handful of different designs. Also, it’s even more convenient (read: huge time saver) that I was able to repeat some of the same colors for these cookies.

I’ve been getting a lot of birthday themed requests lately- so stay tuned. I’ll be pumping those out in the next week or so. In the mean time, have a great 36th birthday, Tessa!


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9 replies on “Curious George Birthday Cookies

  1. Wow – you are great with characters! I love these :)

    1. Thanks! Character cookies are definitely more tough to do… and nerve-wracking! I make extra because I always mess up on a few.

  2. Could I buy 2 dozen George cookies for my sons 4th birthday?!?!???

    1. Hi Denna. Sorry I don’t sell cookies. I just like to share cookie ideas on my blog.

  3. Do you make these to order?

    1. Hi Katie. Sorry I don’t take orders. I just like sharing ideas. Thanks for checking out my blog though!

  4. These are amazing! You rock.

  5. Hi Mike

    can you email me recipe or instruction on how to do this in faster way? how did you get image so consistent??

  6. Hi Mike,

    These cookies are amazing. Can I also request how you did this and the recipe? I would really love to make these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday coming up. Also if you bought cookie cutters, could I have the website please?

    Thank you,

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