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Breaking Bad Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Jun 26, 2012


The promos for the upcoming, final season of Breaking Bad have gotten me really excited! If you have never watched this TV show, I think it would be worth your while to check out.

For those Breaking Bad virgins out there, here is the show’s premise: Walter White is a cancer-stricken Chemistry teacher whose personal journey leads him to become a meth kingpin. As the show’s seasons progressed, it has been great watching Walt develop from this seemingly good guy into a darker, killer version of his old self. The storyline is so unpredictable, leaving you guessing what Walt is really capable of.

In anticipation of the final season’s premiere I made Breaking Bad cookies. I made three types of Walt cookies. First, Walt in just a shirt and tighty-whiteys from Season 1 is one of my favorite scenes, I had to include it in this batch. The second cookie is the lab outfit that he and his sidekick, Jesse, wear when “cooking” meth. Lastly, I made a cookie of Walt’s secret identity, Heisenberg.

To go with the Walt cookies, I made a few accessories from the show. I made a few cookies to look like little baggies of Walt’s crystal meth recipe, “Blue Ice.” I used sugar sprinkles to get the crystal-rock look.

I also made the burnt, pink teddy bear featured in Season 2. Each week, that season continued to tease us with images of that teddy bear throughout its run. I tried to replicate this charred bear in cookie form. I finally got to use my new food-coloring airbrush kit (that I randomly won back in April). I airbrushed the black color onto the bear to get that burnt look.

Lastly, I made the green and white element blocks that you see in the title graphics.

I had a few other show ideas for cookie designs that I really wanted to try but I ran out of cookie dough. Oh well, this batch used so many colors I figured I needed to settle with the designs I had.

Last season’s finale ended with such a bang (Spoiler Alert: literally!) I can’t wait to see how the new season picks up.  Breaking Bad premieres Sunday, July 15th on AMC.

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45 replies on “Breaking Bad Cookies

  1. Hi! Can you please tell me what cookie cutter you’re using to make Walt? I cannot find a similiar one anywhere. Thanks

    1. Hello. These were hand cut back in the day.

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