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Creative Cookie Contest – Angry Birds

Written by Mike Tamplin Apr 3, 2012


One of the many cookie bloggers I regularly follow, Georganne at LilaLoa, is having a creative cookie contest. I figured it’s worth a shot, so why not. Basically, here’s how it works: take this present/gift cookie cutter shape she supplied us…

… and decorate a cookie in way that’s creative and non-present-like. The cookies are judged on creativity and overall appearance. How fun, right? The challenge is to “think outside the box” (hehe… punny).

Those three “spikes” at the top it kinda looked like a cog or an explosion to me. I tried googling images on my iPad for any type of inspiration and was coming up with nothing that I thought was unique enough. So I took a break from my search and opened up the Angry Birds app (that game is so addicting!). That’s when it hit me… why not do an Angry Birds design? It’s a popular game and I’m sure most people can relate.

So that’s what I did.

I did incorporate some sort of explosion with this red bird design. And I had to do at least one more design with a green pig. Those two go hand-in-hand with the game.


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2 replies on “Creative Cookie Contest – Angry Birds

  1. Good luck, Mike! The cookies look amazing and such a creative idea!

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