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Xbox Controller Cookies

Written by Mike Tamplin Dec 10, 2011


I made my second batch of custom cookies right before the Christmas break.  Micah really appreciated the hoodie cookies I made for his birthday that he asked me if I could make something unique for his boyfriend, Matt, as a Christmas gift.  I was excited to try out a new cookie design and ask what he had in mind for Matt.

“Well he kinda likes playing Xbox a lot. Also, his home football team is the Arizona Cardinals.  You think you can you do something for both?”

“Sure!”  I decided on making an Xbox controller for his gaming habit and the Cardinals’ logo for his team. (I’ll talk in detail about the Cardinals’ logo in the next post.)

I’m very pleased with how these turned out.  I made sure that the piping consistency wasn’t as stiff as before when I did the hoodie cookies and that made a HUGE difference.  The outlines were smoother and a lot easier to control.  I didn’t have the breaks in the piping flow or the ugly peaks that would form when I lifted the piping bag away from the cookie.  It was a drastic improvement from my first batch. :)

My only criticism would be the controller buttons on the right side.  I think I made the icing consistency too thin which caused the buttons to run a little.  Some even formed little craters on the surface while they dried (you can see them in the closeup pic).  Air bubbles maybe were trapped in middle when I piped out the buttons.  Oh well, that’s just another lesson learned.


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2 replies on “Xbox Controller Cookies

  1. Hi Mike. Can you tell me what you used for these cookies in terms of cutters or did you hand cut? Thank you so much!!!!

    1. Hey there, Lorraine. Those cookies were hand cut. I found a photo of a controller online and made a paper template from that.

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